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GreenSafety Technology Limited (aka “GST”) is established in 2015. We focus on developing vehicle telematics, which in essence means the monitoring of vehicles. Through this technology, managers can monitor their fleet location in real-time, check different vehicles status, understanding the driving behavior of their drivers, and many more. Our goal is to help fleet to increase their operating efficiency and to reduce the accident rate by scientifically evaluate the driving behavior of the drivers through the integration of ADAS . By using our self- developed system, fleet will achieve fuel savings; reduce insurance cost, accident claims and operating expenses; increase productivity, fleet safety and security.

Our self-developed 4S Solution is a cloud-based fleet management system. Using GPS technology and mobile network, the fleet manager can know all the relevant statuses of their vehicles through desktop browsers, tablets or mobile apps. For example, the exact real-time location of each vehicle, precise records of routes, mileage and dangerous driving behavior etc. Moreover, 4S provides video recording and playback function and all various reports for fleets. Instant decisions can be made throughout its managing scale based on objective data and analysis and the maximisation of operation efficiency becomes a go. Through a unique, accurate and comprehensive platform of Big Data Analytics with our expert team of analysts, GST strives to redefine road safety and make groundbreaking contributions to IoT and Smart City developments.

綠色安全科技有限公司 (Greensafety Technology Limited)
Antonio Wong 黃碩東 Co-founder and CEO