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to reduce road accidents
4S Solution: Top Collision Warning + Human Driving Big Data Analysis
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IOT Revolution

A simple way to reduce costs.

Empirical studies pointed out that 84-93% of accidents were caused by human driving behaviours. With active safety technology, the accident rate is reduced by at least 20-45%. 4S Solution released by GST allows users to install and use the device at a reasonable cost.

Goals What GST Can Do Dashcams
Improve transportation performance
Cut costs
Reduce accidents
Fast installation
Make good use of big data analytics

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Realizing a news stage of Smart City

Big data analysis is a trend. It has a wide range of applications, including analysis and speculation of meteorological changes, traffic conditions, disease proliferation, and business trends. GST is fully committed to the use of 4S in transport to unveil a new page of road safety and smart cities.

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